Great Ways to Protect your Home, by a NYC Locksmith

Gotham Locksmiths protect your home

NYC is the greatest city in the world. And while there is no arguing on the fact that the city has some of the best nightlife, parks and culinary institutes, it also poses several challenges to its residents, and one of the greater ones is home security.

Considering the high rate of people moving in and out, the fact that many buildings in the city are old, and off course the issue of supers having keys to everybody's apartment (possible yours as well), it is crucial to follow a few steps that will help you sleep better at night, knowing your NYC apartment is safe and secured.

The locksmiths here at Dream Locksmiths have complied a list of a few steps you should take to ensure the safety of your apartment.

1. Change your locks. This one might be a given, but it is crucial to change the locks and cylinders when you move in into a new apartment. Do not rely on the super saying they changed it, because landlords often switch locks between apartments. Contact a professional local locksmith in your area and have him change the locks you have.

2. Install a new lock. Consider adding a lock to your door. Nowadays there are great new locks that add a lot to the safety of your house. If a burglar will arrive at your door and will see 2 or 3 locks by known brands like Mul-T-Lock or Medeco, they will think twice before attempting to break in. Contact a locksmith, many (like Gotham Locksmiths) will offer a free evaluation.

Also check out our blog post about recommended electronic locks.

3. Control your lighting. Adding an automated system of lights to your apartment will allow you to remotely change the lights in your house, making it harder for burglars to know your routine. This is especially crucial if your apartment is facing the street.

4. Secure your windows. Although not as frequently used as the front door, your windows are another entry point to your apartment. Considering that most windows have access from the fire escape, it is highly important to make sure that your windows can be locked and barred. Contact your landlord or local locksmith to make sure your windows security is up to par.

Wheter you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other area in NYC, it is highly recommended you contact a locksmith to discuss your home safety.

Dream Locksmtihs will be happy to discuss any of your security needs and offer free advice on how to better protect your home.

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