Recommended Electronic Locks for your Home or Business

We all know how important it is to keep your house and loved ones safe. Nowadays, technology offers wonderful security solutions that are both protective and convenient.

One of the best safety features you can add to your home or business is an electronic keypad deadbolt. The bolt will make it hard to break into your home, and the electronic keypad will make unlocking your door a breeze. Say goodbye to forgetting keys and losing key copies.

Here a few great options that our skilled locksmiths here at Gotham Locksmiths NYC recommend:

Click the picture for a link to purchase and further information.

1. Kwikset 92640 -

2. Schlage BE365 -

keypad deadbolt

3. Schlage Touch Camelot BE375 -

4. Samsung SHS-7100:

These are just a few key examples, and you should definitely check other options as well.

In any case, considering the relatively affordable cost of electronic deadbolts, and the great benefits they bring with them, we highly recommend considering purchasing one for your home or business.

Our Gothamist technicians are here to help you with any Locksmith service you may need.

Contact us using our online form or call us to discuss this post and other locksmiths issues, we love talking about locks!

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